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The CORE SL Scooter has become a cult favorite with skatepark riders everywhere. When it came time to improve on this model we gathered up customer feedback from around the globe, combined it with our rider's feedback, and put it to work. The end result is the CORE SL2 Complete Stunt Scooter and it's a beast!


  • Handlebar: CORE SL2 Bars 620 x 620 – 6061 Aluminium
  • Grips: CORE Pro Skinny Boy Soft Grips 170mm with Premium Bar Ends
  • Clamp: CORE SL2 Double Bolt Clamp with 6mm Hex Bolts
  • Headset: CORE Stack Integrated Headset with Sealed Bearings
  • Fork: CORE SL2 IHC Fork – 120mm compatible
  • Compression: IHC
  • Wheels: CORE Concave Hollow Cores – 110mm/88a
  • Bearings: CORE ABEC 9 Premium Reds
  • Deck: CORE Forged SL2,  5” Wide x 20” Long, 3° Concave
  • Head Tube: Forged  83° with Weight Reducing Cut Outs
  • Brake: CORE Nylon Single Bolt Scooter Brake
  • Grip tape: CORE Premium Pre-Cut Griptape
  • Weight: 3.4KG
  • Certification: EN 14619
  • Colours: Black, Black/Neo, Chrome/Teal

We have improved every aspect of this scooter to give you the best ride possible. 

Lightweight Forged neck tube, Improved deck cutouts, reinforced over mold brake, plastic dropouts, wider fork, 6mm bolts everywhere (even the brake), skinny grips and our new CORE alignment system (CAS). Enginering this complete from the the ground up meant we couldn't save on expenses. Every component is an improvement and to do that properly means you cant cut corners.

Rider designed, rider tested, rider approvedAll our scooters go through months of real world testing with our professional team of riders to ensure the best ride possible. We even sent the CORE SL2 complete over the Nitro Circus mega ramp!

The Sole Purpose of this complete is to provide a professional scooter that is super strong, lightweight, and durable for riders that want to push the limits. Made from 6061 Aluminium (the stuff NASA makes spaceships from) you know it’s going to withstand whatever you can throw at it.

Tried and Tested to the extremes by our Professional team to make sure we produce the best possible complete scooter.  


Starting off at the top we are proud to introduce the NEW CORE Skinny Boy Grips. After our first grips were so successful we wanted to widen the options for riders. With our new slimmer and lighter grip riders that prefer a solid bar feel will still be able to maximize grip without sacrificing on shock resistance.

The new Skinny Boy design is made from our market-leading super soft TPR formula that continues to get even comfier the more they are used.  


We have gave the SL bars a fresh up to date look with the new reinforced gussets as well as cut-out at the top of the bars to save that extra bit of weight. Overall the SL2 bars are now stronger and lighter than before making the CORE SL2 complete scooter our best yet! 


The new SL2 double clamp is cold forged and CNC’d to be even lighter than before. More unnecessary material has been taken away without compromising on strength. It’s just as strong but even lighter than the original.


Most importantly, the SL2 deck! We are super stoked to have brought out the all NEW and improved CORE SL2 stunt scooter deck. We Specifically designed the NEW Forged heatube to withstand the extreme stresses' from those hard session at the skatepark. 

Compressing a block of aluminium into the SL2 shape, otherwise known as forging eliminates any potential weakness from inside the raw materials. Therefore this drastically increases the strength. 

Retaining maximum foot space on the deck allowing tricks to be far easier to land. Coming in at 5” wide by 20” long this is the perfect size for all skatepark riders. The SL2 deck feature 3 unique weight-reducing cutouts without compromising on strength.

Now featuring removable Nylon boxed ends to give you a fully customizable riding experience. Whether you want angled dropouts or boxed ends the choice is yours.


Hate it when your scooter doesn't line up properly? Yeah us too. So we decided to make it super easy to get all the SL2 Components lined up.

Along the side of CAS products, you will see a line running down the side of the product, this will allow you to line up your scooter perfectly every time. To avoid human error in production we didnt use printed lines or decals. 

All CAS products have custom tooling to ensure a physical molding line into each of the products so you can easily align and match it up every time. The CAS System will ever fail and as a result will always align your scooter perfectly.