Q. Can I just turn up and pay?

A. Currently no. You must book in a session through our website.


Q. What measures are in place for COVID-19?

A. We have done all we can to prevent the spread of coronavirus by limiting numbers, having hand sanitiser at numerous areas, limiting our seating area capacity, socially distancing where possible and having a contactless check in system.


Q. Do I need to wear a mask?

A. You only require a mask for the entrance area. You do not require a mask once in the skatepark.


Q. Do I need to fill out the Disclaimer form online even if I have already completed a paper one in person?

A. Yes. Everyone must have an online disclaimer form comlpleted with your latest information.


Q. Are lessons going to run?

A. No. For the time being we are focusing on re opening the skatepark as safely as possible for our staff and customers. We will look to phase in lessons, hire gear and parties as soon as we can.


Q. Can I hire equipment?

A. No. For the time being hire equipment will not be available for hire.